Salon Business Marketing Tools

Congratulations on your decision to take your career as a beauty salon professional and/or salon owner to the next level!

You have entered an industry that is creative, beautiful and in high demand, so your chances of growing your salon and building a strong brand and clientele is inevitable with the right guidance and salon marketing resources!

The fastest way to see results as a salon owner, beautician, nail technician, spa professional, esthetician or hairdresser, is to utilize proven online salon marketing and salon management tools.

How To Open A Salon:  State Board Requirements

The requirements needed to open a salon vary from state to state. Please select your state below to read the requirements for how to open a hair salon, spa, or nail salon, so you can quickly get started.

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Hair Salon Business Plan:  Create Your Salon Marketing Strategy

Every business, no matter what industry, should have a definitive marketing strategy outlined. As you continue with your business plan steps, I must say that taking the time to define and research your marketing avenues beforehand is going to be very important.

What Is a Marketing Strategy Summary?
For the purpose of your business plan, your marketing plan should be specific and strategic. Your marketing strategy is not a sales strategy. A sales strategy is what you use to close the deal and get the customer to purchase. Your marketing strategy is about defining and targeting a specific group, focusing on specific services, and positioning your salon in the best possible light available.

Salon Marketing Ideas You Can Use
When creating your marketing strategy, know that you can implement more than one strategy at a time. Depending on your marketing budget, I would suggest diversifying and having at minimum 2 to 3 plans working at the same time to get the word out about your business. The most common salon marketing idea is word-of-mouth advertising. This is a good marketing strategy once you have established an existing clientele or loyal following. If you wait on other people to do the work for you and tell others about you, then you have no control over forecasting growth and profits.

Other marketing ideas you might want to consider and research for your hair salon business is direct mail. Traditional direct mail is proven and it works. Mailing postcards to your target market at their home is a good marketing strategy for your business. It can be costly, but it does work.

Internet marketing is a marketing strategy that you want to look into for your business. Internet marketing can encompass many things; you have choices and can decide which route you would like to take.  To give you some ideas, you could have a Facebook marketing strategy, video marketing strategy, YouTube strategy, Twitter strategy, PPC, or what we call pay-per-click strategy, SEO – search engine optimization strategy. The list can literally go on and on for creating a salon internet marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Summary
Your marketing strategy summary should be a short statement detailing your plans on how to market your salon business. If you will be offering discounts and coupons, that should be notated in the summary.  Anything related to marketing your business, word-of-mouth advertising, postcards, social media marketing, needs to be included.

For every strategy you list, it is a good idea to give a description of how this strategy will be implemented and what a client can expect. The more detailed you are, the easier it will be for your future investors to understand exactly what is going on. It also makes it easier for you when you get ready to carry out the plan once you’re business is officially open.

This hair salon business plan outline is detailing one of many ways on how you can  create a marketing summary. Hopefully this has been helpful and keeps you on the right track.